Hello!  My my name is Regan and my husband and I are from Indiana and we began the boutique journey for many reasons. As a mom of 5 young kiddos, time to shop was limited and finding clothes that fit and feel good were scarce.  We felt like there was no way I could possibly be alone. We always knew we wanted to own our own business and be a part of something bigger than ourselves by serving and encouraging others, and the idea of starting a boutique fulfilled all those purposes for us!  We are currently starting small because we truly want to serve our customers. We want to know what it is that you love and be that place where you can find it! As we watch the trends of your purchases, and read your kind comments or suggestions through email, we will begin to build an atmosphere that hopefully serves many of you!  Our goal is to be real, transparent, and help in any way we can through outstanding customer service and partnership.

We appreciate your patience and grace as we grow this business into something we can all love!  We truly hope you find a “place” here at Willow Oak Boutique. 

About Us