My my name is Regan and I'm the mommy of 6 young kiddos!  Life is crazy insane and I live off of coffee and dry shampoo most of the time!  I decided to start a boutique because going shopping somewhere without kids was near impossible and when I did, I always left stores feeling defeated.  I was tired of nothing fitting right and frustrated that the clothes made me feel either way older or way younger than I was, and I knew I couldn't be alone.  So, I started this boutique for myself and all the other mommas out there!  My style is 100% comfortable with a side of cuteness.The boutique journey has been amazing because it has allowed me to be creative, be home with my kiddos and work with my mom, the true fashionista of the family!  

We appreciate your patience and grace as we grow this business into something we can all love!  We truly hope you find a “place” here at Willow Oak Boutique. 

About Us